Let's Get Physical!


1. You must be a fan of exercising/working out. Why else would you be here?

2. You must have a valid e-mail address

3. You don't have to have a website to join, but if you do please put a code up on a visible part of your website. If you don't, I'll list you just not your website.

4. No code, no website listing. It's that simple

5. If you have an inappropriate website, I will not list it

6. Please no direct linking of the codes. If you do, I will not list your website

7. You must give me the country you live in

8. Please give me a real name, not a screen name. If you fail to give me a real name, I'll name you myself

9. On the Join/Update form, The first question I ask is which fanlisting your joining/updating your information in. I ask you that because I have more than one fanlisting, so I would need to know which fanlisting your referring to so I can add you/update your information to the appropriate fanlisting. So please fill it out otherwise I won't know which fanlisting you want to join/update your information in.


If you have any problems with the form, e-mail me at: Kix4funchick@aol.com

Which of my fanlistings are you joining/updating your information in?
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